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A player-centered and coach-driven environment is the foundation of our clinics here at Boston Basketball. Coaches implement an important balance between creating a competitive mindset while encouraging improvement. Players learn the value of teamwork and communication during age-appropriate drills. Within this system, a global curriculum drives participants through a gradual progression, whereby coaches teach basketball in stages, coordinating instruction with the player's motivations at different developmental phases.

The goal of our clinics is to build better basketball players. Players will receive instruction and intensive high rep skills training to improve their basketball skills and accelerate player development. The clinics are designed to develop the fundamental skills of shooting, offensive techniques, ball handling, proper defense, and passing. All drills will help them master and navigate the court with complete confidence. These clinics are open to boys and girls and will be run for all different ages and grades.

Our clinics will focus on a lot of different things but our main focus at Boston Basketball is to inspire a love for the game into the next generation of players. Many life lessons and disciplines can be learned by participating in basketball.

Clinic Focus:

  • Shooting: form shooting, lay ups, free throws, stationary & off the dribble
  • Ball Handling: improving your dribbling skills and moves to get open
  • Passing: stationary chest and bounce, in transition, to shooters, feeding the post
  • Defense: individual & team concepts including stance, close outs, & shell drill
  • Individual Offense: creating offensive opportunities with and without the ball
  • Basketball IQ: understanding key offensive and defensive situations
  • Footwork drills to become a faster, stronger player